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At Awholehealth we focus on the signals the body is alarming to customise health plan.

Our natural approach helps to optimise rejuvenation.

Machine processed food burdens the body system.

We concentrate and combine the nutrients from natural foods to heal the body. 

Lifestyle adjustment is necessary to favour health needs.

Where you live, how you live, what you do, How you do it, etc.. has a way of affecting your health.

What are your health goals?

Now is the time to take control of your health and we are here to help at A Whole Health…

“A journey of a thousand mile always begins with just a step”

Help yourself with our special gift – OUR POPULAR NATURAL HEALTH GUIDE which has been put together by our certified Holistic Nutritionist with over 13years of practising and over 5years in medical research. 

 The Healthy Me Pack

The Lets Journey Together pack…

The Reversal Pack…

Short term meal planning and recipes…

Unhealthy Symptoms and Conditions.

· Frequent Belching · Fowl farting smells · Heart burn

· Swollen tongue · Brittle nails · Cracked fit

· Dry skin ·  Menstrual pains · Stomach bloating

· Constance Fatigue ·  Imbalanced weight. Gain/ Loss

· Reoccurring cold and flu · Joints ache ·  Diabetes

·  Frequent headaches · Insomnia · Dizziness

· Currently on any form of medication (medical history will be required where necessary)

· Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS · Kidney stones · All forms of digestion problems

Method of Service

One size does not fit all with A Whole Health..

We have always worked online, so no client has had to visit any centre.

In rare occasion where clients with medically conditions have had to have a test done, prior notice is given and arrangements are made.

All our prices are currently less than half price with free consultations due to the current health crises of covid-19.

Our existing clients have received over 6months free services.

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